Thanks for your interest in Beauty Recycled and our mission to take the meaning of sustainable beauty to an entirely new level!

Handmade in small batches, from ethically-sourced ingredients, our products are all natural, 100% vegan and animal-cruelty free.

Just as important, we use only plastic-free, glass-free, infinitely recyclable aluminium containers that will not contribute to ocean or landfill waste.

Not content to be just clean and green, we are proud to be on the leading edge of a new "blue beauty" revolution that embraces an entirely holistic approach to product development taking into account the overall footprint a product has and how it impacts the planet, eco-systems, oceans, people and communities.

Let me introduce myself, Jo Neill, founder of Beauty Recycled . Rebellious, passionate, introverted, hard-working, laid-back, slightly spoiled, family-loving, dog person! 



In 2018, I was exposed to a book called “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells.

This apocalyptic account of life on the other side of climate-change abruptly awoke me to the challenges we face moving into the future and the potential devastation that might await us if we don’t start changing our behaviours.

As a result of this epiphany, I began questioning my own individual actions, looking at all aspects of my life with a more critical eye.

Do I really need to buy this? Where will I keep it? How will I dispose of it when I'm done? If I buy this, what will be the long term impact to the planet?

This scrutiny took on a whole new meaning when I turned that critical gaze on my own beauty routines.

Plastic bottles and tubes, glass jars with plastic lids, products in boxes, pumps and sprays, excessive decorative packaging, all presented a dilemma for me when applying my new "post-Uninhabitable Earth" question ... where will these end up?


This created a major dilemma for me. I love my beauty rituals. They calm and relax me and are as much a part of my mental well-being as daily exercise and mediation. The idea of giving up this luxury, even for the sake of the planet, was almost inconceivable!

And so, I set out on a journey of exploration to find a high-quality, sustainable skincare brand that I could feel good about using in all respects.

What I discovered was a multitude of beautiful all-natural, "green" skincare products in containers and packaging that were decidedly UN-planet-friendly!


Every year the global cosmetics industry is responsible for more than 120 billion units of packaging. The cardboard alone that wraps perfume, cosmetic and skincare products contributes to the loss of around 18 million acres of forest each year.

Close to 9 million tons of plastic is destined for our oceans annually and 75% of glass that enters our waste system, ends up in landfills where it can take up to 1 million years to biodegrade.

A quick google on how to recycle cosmetic containers makes it very clear that this is the beauty industry’s dirty little secret.

The source of the problem is that most cosmetic containers are comprised of a combination of materials including plastic, glass and metal. Unfortunately you can’t simply dispose of mixed material items in recycling bins. This creates confusion resulting in most empty cosmetic containers, including pump and spray attachments, ending up in landfills.

I was also shocked to learn that just because you put something into the recycling bin, doesn’t mean it actually gets recycled!

Research exposed to me the harsh economic realities of recycling. For example, in many cases it is actually cheaper to buy new glass from China than it is to buy glass that has been recycled locally.

After delving into the pros and cons of different packaging materials, it quickly became clear that when it comes to sustainability, there is no such thing as equality! Some materials have a distinct advantage over others.


With an extensive background in corporate sales and marketing and a keen eye for opportunity, I launched Beauty Recycled to fill a gap in the marketplace.

I wanted a high-quality, all-natural, ethically-sourced skincare product that I could indulge in confidently knowing that I was not contributing to landfills and ocean waste. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I created it myself!

A line of luxurious, guilt-free skincare products that solve all of the problems identified above while incorporating three essential factors:


    Sacrificing quality was not an option which is why the foundation of our products are pure, all-natural formulas based on ethically-sourced ingredients including wild-harvested Australian native botanicals. 100% vegan & animal-cruelty free with no parabens, no SLS and no microbeads our products use powerful active ingredients that really work. Skincare that feels good, smells sublime and promises a calm, relaxing experience!


    Our goal was to create a sustainable skincare brand with a significantly smaller carbon footprint than other beauty brands currently on the market. In addition to partnering with suppliers who share our values, our prime directive was to reduce landfill waste and pollution of oceans and waterways from discarded cosmetic containers.

    We began by choosing a clean, simple, single material container that is not only reusable, but also infinitely recyclable in it's entirety. We then proceeded to do away with disposable pump and spray attachments, excessive branding and unnecessary labeling and all superfluous packaging.

    In our research of container material options, it quickly became clear that aluminium is the most sustainable material available today for cosmetic containers. Aluminium has a higher value than glass or plastic and is therefore much more likely to be recycled. Aluminium can be recycled repeatedly with little to no degradation and on the off chance it does end up in a landfill, aluminium biodegrades in less than 100 years. In contrast, plastic can leach chemicals into the earth for over 500 years and glass can take up to a million years to biodegrade.

    In addition to being recycled and infinitely recyclable, our skincare containers can be returned directly to us for reuse, creating a completely zero-waste, closed loop!

    To read more about our research into container materials, just click here and scroll down to the daffodils!


    We've deliberately avoided using tubes and bottles for our skincare lotions and instead opted for wide-mouthed aluminium jars. Just like in the old days, wide-mouthed aluminium jars allow you to embrace the full product experience.

    You can get up close and smell it, visually appreciate the colour and texture, use exactly how much you need and best of all, access every last drop which means no wastage and you get exactly what you paid for!


    The challenge with books like “The Uninhabitable Earth” is that they can leave us with a sense that individual actions aren’t enough to make a difference.

    David Wallace-Wells himself ends his book though with a message of hope, that while this is the direction we are currently heading, the future is in our hands and we have the power to change it.

    In the aftermath of COVID 19, we have come to realise how adaptable we are as a species. I am hopeful that amongst the chaos and disruption, we have gained wisdom.

    Personally I have learnt that I can be happy without buying new things, that I’m lucky to have a roof over my head, that I’m incredibly thankful for my family and that I can go 2 weeks without washing my hair!

    It has also reminded me that the planet has a unique ability to heal itself when given the time and space to breathe.

    My goal with Beauty Recycled is to offer a truly sustainable skincare line. High-quality products that people will not only love to use, but feel good about using, secure in the knowledge that they are no longer contributing to the demise of the planet.

    While at times it can feel like we are merely drops in a vast ocean, we do have purchasing power and I firmly believe we can make a difference. Many individuals making small positive changes become a collective and collectively we can change the course of our future. 

    Warmest regards

    Jo Neill – Founder  BEAUTY RECYCLED

    Cairns, Queensland, AUSTRALIA